Cranberry Juice Helps Fight Cavities

Not all your favorite holiday foods and drinks are bad for you and your teeth. Learn how cranberry juice can help fight cavities.

Holiday season is upon us, and you’ll be eating plenty of sweets and sugars. This is the time when our Raleigh dentist office sees the biggest spike in cavities. But not all your favorite holiday foods and drinks are bad for you and your teeth.

Drinks to Fight Bacteria

Cranberry juice and red wine both have been shown to help fight cavities. Drinking 100% cranberry juice (not juice cocktail) contains an enzyme that serves as a repellent for bacteria on your teeth. This enzyme keeps the bacteria from being able to stick your teeth, which prevents it from eating away the layers of your teeth. Cranberry has also been found to help block the formation of plaque buildup in your mouth.

With red wine, the fermented parts of the grape have high levels of polyphenols, which are also known to block bad mutans. The good bacteria in your mouth is able to thrive as the bad bacteria fails to stick to your teeth.

Before You Buy

Before you go buying all the cranberry you get your hands on, cranberry sauce and cranberry juice cocktail can both contain large amounts of sugar, and are bad for the teeth. 100% cranberry juice with no sugar added is the only product that actually helps fight tooth decay. Like with red wine, drinking too much can stain your teeth, so be sure to brush after drinking it.

While cranberry juice and red wine can help fight plaque and cavities, brushing, flossing, and using fluoride is important for oral health. Be sure to get your whole family regular check-ups with your family dentist. Brush your teeth twice a day, especially during the holiday season when sweets and sugary foods are increased, and your smile will stay bright and healthy.

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