Top 10 Dental Health Tips

When it comes to your oral health, skimping out on your morning routine only hurts you. Read the top 10 tips for your oral health.

When it comes to your oral health, skimping out on your morning routine only hurts you. But good oral health care doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on your teeth. Here are the Top 10 Tips to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

  1. Floss Daily – Flossing your teeth helps to get food and plaque out of those hard-to-reach places that brushing alone doesn’t get.
  2. Brush the Right Way – To get the most out of brushing your teeth, hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle. Brush the surface of the teeth, as well as the gum line, and tongue. Do this twice a day to prevent acid from building up.
  3. Rinse with Mouthwash – Using mouthwash or rinse once or twice a day can help kill bad bacteria in your mouth that causes gingivitis. A mouth rinse can also make your teeth stronger and give you fresh breath.
  4. Get Your Vitamins – Your teeth, like your bones, need calcium to stay strong. Make sure you are getting your daily required value of calcium, vitamin D, copper, zinc, iron, and potassium to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy and prevent cracking, breaking, or bleeding.
  5. Avoid Tobacco – Tobacco is one of the worst things for your teeth. People who smoke or use tobacco are more at risk for developing periodontal disease, oral cancer, and stained or rotting teeth. Quitting smoking can give you better overall health, and a healthier smile.
  6. Chew Sugarless Gum – Sugarless gum can help reduce your number of cavities. Chewing gum increases your saliva flow, and your saliva helps to fight bacteria and acid from building up in your mouth and doing some damage to your teeth.
  7. Protect your Teeth – Playing sports can mean taking some hits to the mouth. Use a protective mouth guard during sports or recreational activities can help keep your teeth from getting bruised, knocked out, or damaged.
  8. Fluoride – The use of fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by creating stronger acid resistant tooth enamel and fighting acid levels in your mouth. Most toothpastes contain fluoride, but if yours doesn’t, you can also find mouthwashes that contain fluoride to get your daily dose. Talk to your dentist about proper fluoride usage.
  9. Listen to Your Body – When you notice tooth or jaw pain, listen to your body. This is probably a sign that something isn’t right and early detection is the best way to prevent your oral health problems from getting out of hand.
  10. Visit your Dentist – Routine dental exams are critical. Visit your family dentist at least twice a year to get a routine cleaning and oral exam to detect and prevent oral disease, tooth misalignment, or other dental issues.

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